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Capitol Theatre Trust

The Capitol Theatre Trust is intended to receive donations to its investment funds and to apply, ultimately, all or part of the principal and income earned from time to time towards the advancement of the arts and entertainment at, and the maintenance/upgrade of the physical facilities of the Capitol Theatre. Their vision, to enhance the quality of arts and entertainment in the community by promoting new, focused philanthropy and charitable giving to the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope.

Our Task

This was an interesting project. It first entailed a new modern but old-style logo design. The final chosen look had a distinct Art Deco flair to it (which we love)! Working with local designer/illustrator Gray Abraham, Cats developed their new brochure and biz cards. The newly designed handouts and print ads featured his caricatures of well known stage/silver screen writers and performers. A new, more robust website was also developed that would be used to accept donations.

Capitol Theatre Trust


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