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Spring Box

Spring Box

Thirty-five years ago, having just moved his family to a farm in Southern Ontario, Larry Groves was in his living room on a very cold Ontario winters day. His 3 young children suddenly burst into the house. Excited from their day spent exploring their new homestead, and claiming that their forest was on fire, Larry accompanied his kids to the spot in the woods where they "saw the smoke". To his surprise what he saw instead was spring water flowing from an artesian source. The cold water hitting the even colder air created a tall column of not smoke, but steam. Thus our SPRINGBOX water does not get pumped from the source. Rather it bursts from a rare underground Artesian Spring with the power and force of 18,846 litres per hour every day of the year. So, reminiscent of the Beverly Hillbillies, Larry's family found pure spring water, instead of oil bubbling to the surface!

Our Task

Cats Media, in conjunction with Gray Abraham, was tasked with providing a brand and print concept for the client's flagship product. The design team was up to the task and worked tirelessly to complete the logo design, marketing collateral, point of sale products as well as packaging. Spring Box is working to save our planet twenty bottles at a time, how great is that? In order to help market the product and generate sales we also designed and developed a website that would match the brand and feel of the original concepts. Take a look for yourself!

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