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The Muskokan

Truly a carefree experience, The Muskokan combines the advantages of vacation Ontario shared ownership cottages with hotel-style services. The Muskoka lifestyle is yours through this unique fractional Ontario vacation ownership opportunity. Hedge the ongoing cost of regular resort vacations and become a lakefront resort owner with all the privileges of the finest private resort club in Muskoka.

Our Task

The Muskokan Resort Club is the premiere provider of Villa and Cottage property rentals and purchases in the Muskokas. Cats Media was tasked with providing an ecommerce and booking website that would also showcase this paradise getaway. As is the case with any good website, we needed to also supply a refreshed brand image and new photography and imagery for the client. Brand guidelines were established and a new logo was created to match. Print collateral would include business cards, maps of the grounds, information on the amenities to be placed in each room as well as brochures for visitors to take away if they needed to contemplate their decision. The client was extremely impressed with the changes and have increased website traffic as a result.

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