Fulfillment- Not Just A Fuzzy Feeling

Did you know Cats Media offers fulfillment services?? It means we not only design, print, publish, host & post, but we warehouse, process and ship too.

I thought this would be a nice topic to touch on with this month’s blog as prior to joining the Cats Media team, I didn’t even know what fulfillment meant. Besides the feeling of fulfillment  anyway!

In business, the fulfillment process is what happens in a company when an order for a product is received - the "fulfillment" of the order. This includes warehousing, finding the item ordered, packaging it, and shipping it to the right address.

Companies handle fulfillment two ways: by doing it in-house, or by outsourcing. Most new businesses start out doing their own fulfillment, and while your business is small, this is the best and most cost-effective choice. As your business grows, however, start to consider how much time fulfilling orders takes up for you and your employees. If your business reaches a point where you could make more money focusing on other areas - such as product research and development, or sales and marketing - it's time to think about outsourcing fulfillment.

If you are considering outsourcing your fulfillment, maybe it’s time to give Cats Media a call. We offer:

Storage of your inventory can be located at either of our facilities (in North York or Port Hope). We can arrange to order new products for your business when they run low; and we are happy to provide you with an online solution to inventory control.

Order processing
When your business receives an order from a customer, your company can either pass it on to us or have the order come to Cats Media directly. We will then select the item from your inventory and make sure it gets to the right address.

Because your fulfillment centre is responsible for delivering your product to your customers, your customers could get their most personal interactions with your company through your fulfillment centre. If the order is wrong or damaged, your customers will get the impression that your company doesn't care about them. However, if it gets the product out in time, and meets an important deadline such as a birthday or holiday, there's a strong chance your customer will come back for more. Good fulfillment is a crucial part of any business.


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