Dale Veterinary Clinic – harnessing the power of Graphic Design

Cats Media has been working with a new client recently who was looking to grow their patient base. The client, Dale Veterinary Clinic (over on Toronto Rd. In Port Hope), had a great idea to run a monthly promotional program to help assist pet owners with the cost of their pet’s care. The business owner and veterinarian, Brett Anderson, gave Cats Media a call & from there a successful brand refresh and social media campaign was born! Brett is an ideal client. He’s open to new ideas and he understands the power of offering valuable promotions and keeping his company profile looking sharp.

Our design team started by evaluating Dale Veterinary Clinic’s existing branding: using the colour palette already in place and the animal images as inspiration, our design team developed a new and improved logo for the business.

There is a certain power in looking good; this was evinced by the sheer popularity of the TV show “What Not to Wear”. The same principle applies to your business...when you look good, you feel good. When your brand looks good, your business automatically takes on the properties of that design. Dale Veterinary clinic is a welcoming place where your pets are considered part of the family. There is an understanding that pets add a playful dimension to our lives and Dale Veterinary’s logo refresh certainly honours that feeling. Graphic design is a powerful tool. It’s about representing what your business is and the values it subscribes to in a visual form. You’re a professional at what you do; you are invested in your work. Your business should look like it.

“But what about brand consistency?” you ask. It’s a valuable thing. We would not recommend a major deviation or overhaul from your existing brand. What we would ask you to consider is, “what about pumping your logo up?”....taking it to the gym, so to speak.  Referencing a few major companies you see every day (like McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s), you’ll notice that they have not remained static over time. They have evolved with their markets. They’ve allowed their design to stay current while maintaining their core design values.

Are you still wearing hammer pants and shoulder pads? Didn’t think so. Your business brand shouldn’t be either.