Cobourg Hearing Opens May 14th!

Cobourg Hearing, Cobourg Ontario - opens the 14th of May

Cobourg Hearing Centre founder Mark Bennett is an accomplished audiologist and there is no doubt he knows his trade. But when it came to developing an identity for his new company, he laid-out some general ideas of how he’d like his company to be perceived and then stepped back to let us do our thing.

It’s not every day that I get the opportunity to create a company’s identity completely from the ground up. When I do, it’s always an incredibly satisfying challenge. Starting with a blank slate allows me to create a brand that truly reflects the company’s character. These types of projects are some of my favourite to work on as a designer with Cats Media.

Some of the initial direction Mark gave was the desire for a contemporary feel, which gave me a lot more flexibility in the concept stages. That’s when my Art Director and I started experimenting with a more interpretive design concept rather than the standard ear and sound wave. The finished icon resembles the circular inner ear, but also gives a nod to the waterfront which is a staple of Cobourg. Here’s a peek at the final product.

Cobourg Hearing Centre will be opening at 1060 Burnham Street, Cobourg in the coming weeks so make sure to stop by to give Mark and the team a high five.