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Property managers who have used us for years know the tremendous value we bring to our work.


Our staff consists of trained, full time employees who have become experts in all things condo after more than 25 years of service to the condo industry.

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And... we are NICE PEOPLE


Everyone knows Maggie and her helpful approach. Who else sends you candies and goodies with every order?

And... we add tremendous value to every job we do.

Our prices are always competitive but the expertise and peace of mind we offer is PRICELESS.


Our classic condo staff know the ins and outs of the business. Our creative studio can jump in and satisfy all of your evolving web, creative and marketing needs.


The combination makes Cats Media a one-stop Condo shop for all traditional and new media services.

TORONTO  416-443-9900

or email  condo@catsmedia.ca

Cats Media will pick up, proof read, copy and mail your AGM packages

cm condo services don’t stop!


Status Certificates Packages

Parking Permits

Purchase Orders

Suite Entry Forms

Maintenance Forms



AGM Full Service

Budget Full Service


Financial Statements

Graphic Design

Colour & BW Printing


Residents Manuals

Rules & Regulations

Welcome Packages

NCR Business Forms

Signage/Parking  Stickers


Prefer electronic AGM packages? 

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No problem! We’re happy to supply complete digital AGM packages.

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