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EMAIL SPAM....At first it was just annoying.

In the beginning, SPAM was not more than a handful of messages that you had no desire to receive. You didn’t know the sender and often the content within the message was just gobbledygook.

Then it went from annoying to inundating: hundreds of unwanted emails coming into your inbox from unidentified sources or businesses that forced you to give your email address just to buy something from them or simply peruse their website.


Its a google world

Its a google world, we just search in it.

SEO is a science. No doubt. And with any science, it's always changing based on new discoveries or in this case, however google feels that things should be changed. Keeping up is hard too do for an average business owner. Here's a guide to help you stay on page 1.


Guys, just get a mobile site already

Guys, just get a mobile site already. It's like fighting the weather. You're not going to change it. People browse with their smartphones. They use phones for quick hit info and tablet/desktop for more in depth browsing. It's not even debate able. Salt is white. The sky is blue and people use the internet, all the time. They're not even expensive.

Like, at all. You probably paid more in your last Thursday print ad that had a week long retention. A week. Your mobile site is a one time cost and nothing goes away on the internet.


When most people think of brand

When most people think of brand, they think of a logo. Maybe a tagline or colour palette. In reality, that's not your brand at all. That's your branding.

Your brand is conceived by every little detail that makes up your business. The way your office smells, how the phone is answered, spelling in emails, the way documents are prepared and so on. Ultimately, it's how the rest of the world views your business. And every move can make an impact:



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