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Working with the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC)

One of my favourite aspects of being a Project Manager with Cats Media is the breadth of interesting client projects I participate in on a daily basis.  My recent favourite is a web portal our team developed for a pretty amazing Northumberland County facility – the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC). As spring is on its way, what an appropriate time to talk about this!


Is your visual brand working for you? Might be time for a Refresh.

Many logos were designed in the pre-digital age, with the simple aim of looking great in print. If your logo was created in the days of brochure websites, before the days of social media, then chances are it could do with a refresh. Take a step back to see yourselves as others see you and make the changes you need to bring back the magic into your companys life!
How to find the right visual brand style for you.


Response from Tom Mulcair, leader of the NDP!

Responses to our blog urging the Canadian Government to reconsider the 150th anniversary logo contest continue to pour in! If you missed the original post, you can read it here.
We recieved the latest correspondence from the Leader of the Official Opposition, NDP boss, Tom Mulcair. Like Elizabeth May before him, Mr. Mulcair is no fan of spec work.

Thank you for writing in support of having a better design process for Canada's 150th anniversary logo.

Elizabeth May Responds!

Last week we published a blog in which we outlined our general feelings towards spec work, and more specifically, the Canadian Government's plan to run a contest for the 150th anniversary logo. In case you missed it, can you find it here

Hint: We didn't like the idea one bit.
And it appears we were not alone!

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, came across our blog and we were delighted to recieve the following from her:

Santa Clause shops on-line.


Santa Clause shops on-line.
It's true. Better learn to use a shovel, elf. Your services are no longer required.

So if Santa shops on-line, you better start selling on-line or you're going to miss out on some serious Christmas sales.

There's a perception that selling on-line requires a lot of time, effort and dollars. There are some free options out there, but it's really important to keep control of your on-line properities, especially when it comes to money transactions.  And it's actually very cost effective.