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EMAIL SPAM....At first it was just annoying.

In the beginning, SPAM was not more than a handful of messages that you had no desire to receive. You didn’t know the sender and often the content within the message was just gobbledygook.

Then it went from annoying to inundating: hundreds of unwanted emails coming into your inbox from unidentified sources or businesses that forced you to give your email address just to buy something from them or simply peruse their website.


The Content First Approach

Cast Media - Website Design - Content FirstWe love building websites.  We really do. But our team also understands that one of the greatest challenges to launching a live website is receiving thoughtful, targeted content to ensure client success into the future.
 “Content is King”, you’ll hear that sentiment echoed every day at the Cats Media studio.


Dale Veterinary Clinic – harnessing the power of Graphic Design

Cats Media has been working with a new client recently who was looking to grow their patient base. The client, Dale Veterinary Clinic (over on Toronto Rd. In Port Hope), had a great idea to run a monthly promotional program to help assist pet owners with the cost of their pet’s care. The business owner and veterinarian, Brett Anderson, gave Cats Media a call & from there a successful brand refresh and social media campaign was born! Brett is an ideal client.